The Ultimate Tip of the Cap to New Market’s Mr. Bruce Alger.

I consider myself fortunate to have spent four seasons of Valley League Baseball ⚾️ working by the side of the Rebels Bruce Alger.

Bruce passed away this week and the description that will be heard throughout the Valley in Days and Weeks to come in his honor will be “A Class Act”

Bruce was the mainstay of the Rebels for an eternity in baseball years and the one thing that was guaranteed every night of every Summer – Bruce would be behind the Microphone 🎤 walking everyone through the contest and making you feel right at home every step of the way.

Bruce was all about the show with little to no focus on the scoreboard or standings while running the squad that was the Green Bay Packers of the VBL. It’s safe to say that Mr. Alger will be brightening the Streets of Heaven in the same manner that he did for so many while still amongst us here.