Just when you think its safe to announce the total number of baseball ⚾️ teams(33) in the Commonwealth….

It turns out that we need to add four teams to our total as the Tidewater Collegiate Summer Baseball League has been playing games for over 70 years. This league has a couple of rather unique twists in that all games are played nightly on four fields within a few miles of each other and any players that are not local are housed in Beautiful Virginia Beach.

Not a bad place to spend your Summer while trying to improve your game !

4 in Tidewater, 4 in Richmond, 3 in the Coastal Plains, 4 in the Appalachian League and 2 in the Cal Ripen League in addition to the 11 in the Valley Baseball League. Quick math says 28 in addition to the 5 actual Minor League teams gives up 33 ( unless you count Princeton, like I do).

This is addition to the other Summer League groups like the Rockingham County Baseball League in the Shenandoah Valley. Amazingly, the split is 14 above Interstate 64 and 19 below to fictional Graham- Carter Line.

The two most recent groups get together for an All-Star game each season in addition to some of the teams scheduling games versus the Tri-City Chili Peppers 🌶 of the Coastal Plains League.

Both of these leagues require the interested players in paying to play which goes directly to the cost of playing the games.

Six separate categories for the 28 Summer League teams to go with three A, one AA and one AAA minor league teams that dot the Commonwealth.

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