Now that the time and miles have been recorded, what does one do with the findings ?

The final mile has been driven and now the Quest is completed but the big question is what does one do with all of the knowledge gathered over the past 3 weeks?

There are a large number of folks spread out across the Commonwealth attempting to offer a form of entertainment wrapped around a baseball ⚾️ diamond. Our beautiful state has cities and towns alike hosting these games and those games are being played a number of levels, ranging from Collegiate Summer ball to the Triple-A Tides in Norfolk.

The common denominator with the 12 groups that play their games below what I now call the Graham- Carter line that other folks call Interstate 64 is this – they are ALL facing challenges right now!

I am truly pulling for all 12 operations to make it to the other side of the Covid Pandemic and the reorganization of Minor League Baseball by the folks at Major League Baseball. It’s been a one-two punch that teams haven’t faced in decades, if they ever faced something of this magnitude.

Once again I will mention that my 12th team is the Princeton Whistlepigs and I do understand that they reside a few miles above the border in West Virginia I simply can’t omit the town that gave our Golden Bears a place to host the most recent Senior Day celebration in addition to getting me started thinking about the Cause and Effect of 43 places losing their affiliation with Minor League baseball.

We live in a day and age where we are trying to make the World a better place by showing everyone that discrimination for ANY reason is unacceptable. If you apply this simple process to the powers to be that want to help out Minor League baseball teams how can you possibly stop short of also helping the communities that give the future of the sport a home to improve their games during the off season of College ball.

Yes, I do think it’s that simple – if you are wanting to help the Big Boys, you should also want to help the backbone of what supplies the rising stars of tomorrow.

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