Martinsville is the place for baseball ⚾️ in the Old Dominion tonight!

The brief history of the Coastal Plains League actually has roots that lead back to the Valley League baseball. The Southeast was always heavy on talent at the College level but come Summertime the players and their families would have to travel North to find quality options to hone their skills during the off season.

Fast forward a few decades and how things have changed. Let’s start by acknowledging that baseball no longer has an “off season ” for players trying to reach the show and Thanks to a parent who spent his Summers traveling to and from the Shenandoah Valley to watch his son play in the VBL, the South has risen again (on the Diamond).

Fifteen teams are spread across four states with the majority of them taking root in mid-major cities. Georgia has Savanah and Macon and after Gastonia , North Carolina returned to minor league ball their team moved up the Highway to Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The CPL is run from its home office Holly Springs, N.C and to its credit continues to adjust on the fly in its attempt to keep up with the competition. The recent moves included adding a third team to the Old Dominion in Colonial Heights. The two previous entries were/are both border cities if you will in Hampton (Peninsula) and Martinsville.

Adding the Tri-Cities team to the Colonial Heights, Petersburg and Richmond area was an amazing move for the league as the CPL now has a large new market awfully close to the Mason-Dixon line. The move also gives fans of the Double A Flying Squirrels another option when their favorite nine is playing on the road.

Martinsville is hosting a unique squad tonight in the Carolina Disco Turkeys. The Disco Turkeys are new to the baseball industry and play their home games in the beautiful ballpark in Winston-Salem. They share the park with the High A Dash and a tip of the cap to the folks that built the facility down in the Triad.

As I type this out there is still a question about the final resting place for the new team as far as a league goes but for tonight they are the visitors at Hooker Field. Hooked plays host to Patrick Henry Community College in addition to the Mustangs and do so in style thanks to the folks at Hooker. The playing field is state of the art in regards to the turf infield yet still has a hometown feel to the park.

One of the first things you will notice is Corey Thompson and the level of pride he displays while playing emcee for all of the on field promotions held in between innings. The young man is a lifetime resident and takes great pride in his local nine.

Night 🌙 has begun to fall here and the Good Guys are leading 5-1 in the top of the sixth inning. While most baseball fans are watching the MLB Home Run hitting contest right now, either in the park in Denver or at home with family and friends, the two squads continue to chase the dream of one day inking a professional contract so they can take long bus rides as they work their way through the Minor Leagues.

Godspeed to each of them on their trek and let’s hope for the same for the continuation of Minor League and Summer League Baseball ⚾️.

Final score 7-1 @ 9:52pm

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