Now Batting 31st (of 31):South County High

Earlier in the Trek Around the Dominion I was able to catch up with the South County Braves when they were playing in Alexandria against Cal Ripken Collegiate League rival Aces. The tour officially ended a few minutes ago when the Ball Coach and I toured the grounds where the Stallions call home during the High School season.

The Braves have shifted their home base more than once in recent years but now appear in a stable relationship inside the grounds at the Fairfax County campus.

33 Teams that play in 31 ball parks across the Commonwealth have been visited in the past 30 Days (34 & 32 if you include the Princeton WhistlePigs, which I do) and now it’s time to pour through pages and pages of notes. There will be NO rankings of the parks/fields/stadiums in any way shape or manner but instead something positive about each experience.

Day 28 is now in the books πŸ“š! and how does one celebrate the accomplishment ? By heading back to the new digs where the Fredericksburg Nats call home !

First pitch is set for 7:05pm

Much more to follow…..