Update #3 of MANY on The Panther Palooza

Join the Excitement!

One of the hardest things to do when you have hundreds of thoughts you want to share with folks is deciding the order to address them. With that said we will start with the idea behind the event.

The days of people wondering around with Thousands of Dollars to spare have come and gone which makes asking for money in these economic times very difficult.
The “Blue Print” as I like to call it is designed for every High School and Valley Baseball League team in our Valley. The goal is rather simple: create a plan that allows EVERYONE a chance to either volunteer and/or participate in the event.I grew up in a world that was full of bartering and that is at the back bone of the plan. It would be great if everyone could just drive up into the PCHS parking lot and drop off a check (Please understand that we will Gladly collect the checks from those whom can) but you need to have other options.
No gift of time,money and/or services is too small and EVERYONE that contributes should be recognized for their effort.
If it is money you have but limited time than making a cash donation is the answer. If you have time to give but no money to spare the way to go is to volunteer (Current count has us needing 63 folks to cover all of the festivities). Once you choose a week-end to host the event there will be a large number of people who want to participate but already have family plans they cannot change. This is where the Auction that concludes the event comes into play. A great example would be a garage owner that does not have the means to be a cash sponsor but they could offer up a couple of Free Oil Changes that could be bid on. You might have an elderly house wife that could not spend four hours on her feet on Saturday but might be willing to bake a cake or a pie for the bake sale.
I hope that I have given enough examples for folks to get the idea and I will now move on to listing the events that will be there for visitors to participate in. This list will be in no particular order and will vary in detail as we continue to iron out the details.
Saturday October 22nd, 2011
All events being held on Saturday will be taking place on the grounds of Page County High School between the hours of 9:00a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
*** Car Wash – This will be on a donation basis and will run through out the day.
*** Bake Sale – This will be held from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
*** Event T-Shirt Sale – Display shirts will be available the entire day and the minimum donation required is $25.00. The order process will allow you to get the exact size you would like and give you the choice of short sleeve or long sleeve. The shirts will be presented at the ceremony following the completion of the project so that the PCHS family will have one final time to say thank you for your help.
*** Celebrity Softball Game – This game will take place at 1:00 p.m. with the current Lady Panthers taking the field to face a squad made up of local celebrities. The list of players will be posted as we get commitments from folks that can make it out for the game. While the Lady Panthers play fast pitch softball this contest will be a slow pitch affair.
*** The folks from The Virginia Photo Booth Company will be set up in the Commons Area from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. If you have never experienced this you are in for a treat. You can check out their website by clicking on the link below.
*** The nice people who make up the Shenandoah Valley Cloggers will take the stage in the PCHS Auditorium at 11:00 a.m. and their performance will be from then until shortly before Noon.
*** There will be concession stands open for business across the facility.
*** We are hoping to announce soon that we have secured an open bit to have our Chicken B-B-Que will be there for most of the day.
*** There will be a Corn Hole event taking place and we are currently trying to find the correct time for the event to take place. We are aware of another fund-raising event that includes a Corn Hole tournament taking place in Stanley and it our hope to minimize the overlapping time.
*** The hope is to have other forms of live entertainment performing in the auditorium throughout the day. This will take place following the performance by the Cloggers.
*** Golf Disc Golf Long Toss – For the mere cost of $1.00 per 2 tosses you can compete to be the Longest Drive Champion. You can compete as often as you like and the winner will be the person that can connect from the furthest point.
*** The marquee event will be our version of a triathlon. Pay your entry fee and compete inside you age bracket in a series of Athletic Events.
The first event will be a Field Goal Kicking contest Each contestant will be allowed to kick until they have 3 misses. You will earn points for the longest kick that you put thru the FG Post.
The second event will be a slow pitch softball Home Run Derby. Each contestant will be given the Green Light until they have recorded 10 outs. You will get 50 points for each Home Run you hit
The third event will be held in th Gym that was the home court to Head Coach Mike Purdham and his 2011 Final Four squad. You will get 10 attempts with the final one being a Double Point moneyball. Once again you will earn 50 points for each time that you tickle the twine from behind the line.
A special bonus to the Basketball event will be your chance to match your skills with local Sports Editor Bill Meade. Mr.Meade will  post  his score and has agreed to write a column the following week that will include every hoopster that “Beats Bill”.
The combined scores will give us a Champion in three age brackets
High School & Under
18 to 49
50 & Over.
There will be a separate category for the Ladies that choose to lace them up as well.
Folks will be given the option of paying a smaller entry fee if they only wish to compete in one or two categories.
There will be a bonus prize for the entry that gives the best title for the newly crowned Champions!
Sunday October 23rd,2011
There will be two events held on Sunday and both will take place after Church has ended.
*** There will be a golf event that will have a bit of a twist from your normal 4-Man Scramble. We will be playing golf matches Ryder Cup style. The front nine will be an alternate shot format and the back nine will be a best ball match. The goal is to get 32 golfers and have four 8 man squads that will include playing Captains. There is potential for a Page County vs. Luray showdown if the right number of golfers sign up.
*** The night-cap to the festival has the potential of being incredibly fun. There will be an auction wrapped around a Spaghetti dinner. Our goal is to collect somewhere around 50-75 items to be able to auction off. Tickets to the dinner (limited to the first 50) will be $10.00 but bring some spending money because there will be some really cool stuff up for bidding.
The final piece to the puzzle will be permanent plaques that will be placed around the new fence. One will grace the fence down the left field line with a second one being on the right field line and the third and final one hanging on the outside of the outfield fence. The bids on this will be a bit pricier than the other parts of the festival but will be on display for the duration of the new fence.
Please keep checking back as much more details will follow!