Panther Palooza 2011 – Got Fence ?

October 22nd & 23rd, 2011

        It has been just over 18 months since I had to apply the brakes to our five-year journey that was/is Around The Valley in 60 Days. A lifetime full of memories were collected from the efforts to help promote the local High Schools and the Valley Baseball League but the work side of Crystal Clear Delivery forced the hiatus.

       While the work schedule is still as intense as ever an opportunity arose that warranted one more attempt to make some folks in our beautiful Valley smile. In a time where many families are struggling to make ends meet I set out to create a blue print that could easily become a major fund-raiser for the same schools and VBL teams that our family spent time trying to promote.

      Head Coach Alan Knight has been leading the Lady Panthers of Page County for over 3 decades in both Volleyball and Softball. During that stretch Coach has corralled over 700 victories and a handful of State Championships but the thing that has always impressed me the most is the way he conducts himself while representing PCHS. No detail is to small and each and every player is expected to live up to the expectations Coach has when it comes to being a Lady Panther.

     This fall Alan finally packed up his whistle and  retired as the PCHS Volleyball Coach but decided to return to the diamond in the spring for a 31st season. One of his goals for the immediate future was to complete the upgrades to Panther Stadium which includes adding a 6-foot fence around the entire field as well as moving home plate. The moving of the bases was to create a much safer playing field for both the Lady Panthers and their visitors. The old distance left the on deck circle in a less than safe position and the move needed to be made for all involved.

    The fence was a different matter altogether as it would prove to be one of the final touches to what has been an impressive project from the start. What makes the efforts of Coach and his staff where the Stadium is concerned is that both the funds and the labor has come from within the organization over the years. This includes the recently completed press box which includes restrooms and concession stand that make watching a ball game at PCHS a treat.

    When the news came down that the temporary fence that connects the left field foul pole to the right field foul pole would no longer have to be taken down it set a plan in motion. The football team shared the land with the softball team while waiting for their new practice field to be finished and when that happened….