The Last Line…

         When the Washington Post came to us and said we would have to double our territory size to stay in business I immediately knew that I would be forced to remove myself from the day-to-day responsibilities of the  VBL’s Waynesboro Generals after just 1 season.

             With that said, I had hoped to be able to find the time to continue this site and keep folks checking in to see the latest reason to smile. Now entering our 13Th week it has become obvious to me that will not be the case and that it is time to bring the curtain down on the remarkable 4 year journey.

             All of the photos will remain available for the taking on both sites and I hope that people will continue to turn the clock back on the past few years! I feel truly blessed to have been able to share some memories with so, so many very special individuals over the trek.

             Thank You & God Bless to All !