Mr. Epling – Your new stadium had me at Hello !

BECKLEY,WV – The West Virginia Tech Golden Bears played a home double-header last week at the new baseball facility that was just built on the edge of Beckley. The new park is named Linda K. Epling Stadium (named after the wife of Mr. Douglas Epling) and it is must see for baseball fans.

                    The new park will play host to the latest team to join the Prospect League, the West Virginia Miners. The Miners will spend their summers there but the stadium will be host to a number of events the remaining ten months. This was the case last week when King College (Bristol, Tenn.) came to town for a pair of games with Coach Nesselrodt and his Golden Bears.


                  The amazing thing about the ball park is not the 100% turf field nor the stadium seating for 1,500+ fans or even the jumbo tron that is next to the score board. Is it the majestic view of the mountains at 2,600 feet that gets the nod? Nope- not for me anyway.

                  It is the message that Mr. Epling placed at the entrance to the facility! The park was 100% financed by the Epling family & friends and done so for the community of Beckley. The private funding allowed the group to send their message of choice for all to see when the enter the ball park. In these troubling times it offers such a ray of hope that someone with the ability to financially carry the burden of building this level of facility do so with the word of God in the bricks of the outer wall!


                  The park is eye candy for sure but I knew that before I walked through the gate the first time last Wednesday! God Bless you and your family Mr. Epling!


2 thoughts on “Mr. Epling – Your new stadium had me at Hello !

  1. What a fabulous showing of God’s generous love being shown here through someone who loves God and isn’t afraid to let the world know!

  2. What an amazing story. Who wouldn’t want to “Enter the Gates” of such a welcoming and beautiful stadium.

    I imagine that Ness is thrilled to have such a beautiful facility for his college team to play ball 🙂

    It’s interesting that I read a team from the Prospect League will be using this facility. Dave B. just told us at March VBL meeting that the old Central Illinois League just combined with another group and created the Prospect League. Unfortunately for the teams in the old Central Illinois League, they lost their NASCB membership and their MLB stipend because this new Prospect League will be considered a “For Profit League” same as the North Woods League and the Coastal Plains League.

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