Have you seen a ball park around anywhere ? WVT takes delayed opener 6-5

Kevin Bocock at the plate.

EAST BANK – There was a different type of delay this afternoon at West Virginia Tech…

                      WVT was set to begin their Mid-South Conference double-header with visiting Pikeville College at 12:00 noon but the first pitch wasn’t thrown until 1:44 after the visiting Bears had trouble finding the park at Douglas M. Epling Field. The field is located at East Bank Middle School which is about 9 miles north of the campus in Montgomery.

                      WVT Skipper Lawrence Nesselrodt kept a sense of humor about the situation despite a long list of postponements and delays that have haunted the Golden Bears this spring.

                      “It all started one day when we had an umpire with the name Charlie Brown,” Ness said. ” Our team has been under a black cloud ever since that game.”


PIKEVILLE COLLEGE….010…202…0 – 5/10/1

WEST VIRGINIA TECH..002…310…x – 6/10 / 1



PIKEVILLE COLLEGE…….304… 002…1    (10)

WEST VIRGINIA TECH…..023… 030…1    (9)   FINAL

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