Plenty of Press Coverage from EMU… 2ND semi-final in the Books- SJHS sweeps Luray 3-0

Steve Cox of the News Leader, Dana Jones of the News Virginian, Bill Meade of the Page News & Courier, Zac from TV-3 and John Galle of the Shenandoah Valley Herald are all in the gym tonight for the action.

 Brian Eller of the Northern Virginia Daily is covering Game 2 between Stonewall Jackson & Luray.

 You can check the links for the gamers tomorrow!


03 003
Plenty of coverage from the media on Wednesday night.

9:57 P.M.- Stonewall completes sweep 25-9

9:48 P.M. – Stonewall leads Game 3   14-4

9:35 P.M.- Stonewall takes Game #2 25-18

9:12 P.M.- Stonewall takes Game #1     25-21

9:10 P.M.- Stonewall leads Game 1        23-21

9:03 P.M. – Luray leads Game 1 by a score of 17-15

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