When is a 95 an amazing round of golf ? The Rest of the Story…

Last night at the Luray VB match with Page County I bumped into LHS Golf Coach Chris Mercer and we started talking about the District golf tournament out at Bryce on Monday. Coach had one golfer that qualified for the event,

freshman Jacob Noser.


  Noser carded a 95 for his 18 holes at Bryce Mountain Resort on Monday to finish near the bottom of the 72 golfers that played in the event. A mear blip in the box score if you could find someone that ran the entire list of golfers but if you look behind the line score you will find something pretty amazing or as Paul Harvey would say “The Rest of the Story”.

             To say that young Mr. Noser struggled a bit on his first nine would be a undestatement as the Bulldog carded a 57. Everyone that has played golf has played that type of 9 holes can feel the pain of having everything that could go wrong doing so. The easiest thing to do would have been bag the round and focus on next season but Noser would have none of that.

            A tip of the Cap to Noser for not only mailing it in but showing no matter how bad your day is going there is hope of turning it around.

              Noser fired a 38 on the second nine to complete his effort for the day at 95 strokes. I am not sure if the Virginia State High School keeps records on such improvements but that was a 57-38=95. Noser trimmed 19 strokes of his score for the second nine. There would be no WD posted this day, just one of the greatest 9 hole

Noser with the ultimate 9 hole turnaround in Region play
Noser with the ultimate 9 hole turnaround in Region play

turnarounds I have ever seen at any level of golf!


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