The Valley bids farewell to Mr. Jim Sacco

Just the same as Football to Jim Sacco
Just the same as Football to Jim Sacco

Earlier in the week I took a few moments to say farewell to Mr. Chuck McGill of the NVD as he prepares to return home to WV.

Today I would like to do the same for Mr. Jim Sacco of the News Virginian as Jim prepares to head South to Bristol for his new gig.
The past few years have been a great deal of fun for me as I have had the privilege of working with Jim on a number of projects with almost all of them involving high school athletics. We have teamed up to do webcasts, articles as well as
the pre-game show for ESPN-1240 with Chip Crabill.
It was through the first hand experiences with Sacco that I was able to
appreciate that Jim brought his A Game to the table regardless of the event he was covering. The same level of pride and gusto that went in to a football game went in to a Volleyball game or a track meet as Jim was simply for the kids/student athletes.
The other thing that set Jim apart from most of the people that work in our business was/is Jim’s lack of fear when it came to challenging the status quo. Many a time it would of have been easier to just except a story but Jim wasn’t afraid to make waves by demanding a better answer from a story.
As Jim and his lovely wife pack up the U-Haul and move down I-81 we can only hope that there is no more room in the truck when it comes time to pack Jim’s Wave Pool because the Valley needs someone else to take possession of it and how!
For all of your years of service on both ends of our Valley this (Root) beer is for you Mr. Sacco…

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