The Morning After…. Opening night at Home is in the books.

Opening Night @ The Fish !
Opening Night @ The Fish !

  Flashing back to the night that Bruce Alger called me and said he  had given my number to Mr. Jim Critzer about the Waynesboro Generals, I see a lot of things that have transpired. The past 6 months have been operating on Blind Faith that it would all make sense one day.

        It happened last night, not because there was a basaeball game going on in the background. But because I was able to see the planning of so many things come alive and that they put smiles on our fans faces. I had stated all along that my efforts would be for the fans, about the fans and when it is in doubt- consider the fans.

       The Staunton Braves came to town and got the best of our Home Town Nine last night but here is what I noticed.

Trailing 9-1 late in the game, our fans (625 total) were still in their seats. I have been to enough ball games over the years to know it is rare that the level of interest  doesn’t wander at the end of a blow out defeat. A Sunday night makes it a work night and we are Thankful for the support of Team Waynesboro!

Great night at the Park and we are already working on ways to improve for Thursday night.

Thank You to every fan that came to The Fish last night !

Hope to see you back at the Park soon.