1ST Pitch in the New Era of the Generals… @ Covington

WAYNESBORO…300…100…001-  5 / 11 /2

COVINGTON……020…001…000- 3/   3  /0


10:37 -UNDEFEATED !!!!! Time to go deliver the newspapers…

10:31- WVU’s Chris Enourato looking for the Save…

10:29- We score! We score ! Now 5-3! Another hit but this time runner out at plate. Three outs away…

10:25- 1ST & 2ND, no outs… Can we score ?

10:11- Heading to the 9TH- Up with 4-3

10:00- LJacks strand a runner on 2ND, head to 8TH up 4-3 !

9:47- 7TH inning stretch- slim lead…

9:40- Oh no. Lumberjacks go yard, lead now down to 4-3

9:33- Middle of 6TH- Marshall still on hill!

9:24- Heading to the top of 6TH

9:05 – Heading to the top of the 5TH – Leading 4-2

1ST Game for Team Waynesboro !
1ST Game for Team Waynesboro !

8:56- Middle of 4TH – UP 4-2 after Stafford hustles up a Run.

8:27 P.M. – End of 2ND – Generals 3, Lumberjacks 2/ 8:39 P.M. – End of 3- Up 3-2

On the mound – Ricky Marshall (Austin Peay)

First Home Run for WG – Tony Caldwell (Auburn)


 * Wednesday was a wash out with Stuarts Draft of the RCBL. The same was true last night when we looked to host Rockbridge in the season opener. Don’t forget the washed out Home Run Derby back on the night of the Ribbon Cutting ceremony.

        With all of that said, we should finally celebrate the 1ST pitch of Team Waynesboro here in just a moment. Down at Casey Field in Covington, Va. Big night for our skipper Andy Chalot as he returns to face the team he led to the VBL Championship series last year. Andy will be facing 9 Lumberjacks he managed in the summer of 2008.

2 thoughts on “1ST Pitch in the New Era of the Generals… @ Covington

  1. Way to go Generals!!

    Now finally a home game in Waynesboro with no chance of rain! Lets make it 2-0 against the Braves!


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