So many thoughts to share – Where to begin ? How ’bout SU & The NVD…

Shenandoah is 24 hours away from their first game in the D-III World Series and Chuck McGill and the gang at the NVD ( is your source for all of the current info. Before we talk about this weeks coverage I want to revisit the Monday edition of the NVD. Kudos to one of the best “Covers/Gamers” that I have read in a while!

       Greg Brill and I go back a few years and there has always been a mutual respect to the point that Greg & his wife Cathy are two of the folks we plan to honor this summer down @ Kate Collins. Cathy is the long time coach of the Warren County High School Wildcats while Greg has been working his pen for almost 30 years here in the Valley. Greg was up in Salisbury, Maryland for the Shenandoah University clincher last week. Two things came from that trip across US-50- One was a pair of brilliantly written stories and the second was Chuck’s ability to create the space for all of the inches.

      If you are a baseball fan I promise you that you will enjoy the way Greg captured the moment for the young men that make up the SU Hornets. Take 10 minutes and click on to the site for a GREAT read, all you have to do is scroll back to Monday.

Greg Brill pictured here with Strasburg's Matt Hiserman
Greg Brill pictured here with Strasburg's Matt Hiserman

    The NVD/SU express wasn’t going to stop there though! I was able to confirm with Mr. McGill earlier this week that there would be plenty of SU coverage this week as well. He has lived up to his word and turned young Jeremy Stafford loose on the project. Read here much and you will know our Love for Jeremy and his work. More fresh stuff on the site that you will want to click on and check out.

Come down to Kate Collins on July 17TH and share in the big night for the Brill’s when Front Royal takes on the Generals.Chuck McGill

Wildcats Head Coach Cathy Brill
Wildcats Head Coach Cathy Brill

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