LIVE :Greetings from Bridgewater College : Shenandoah District Softball Championship

Great crowd @ Bridgewater College for the game.
Great crowd @ Bridgewater College for the game.
Shenandoah District Coach of the Year - Panthers Alan Knight
Shenandoah District Coach of the Year - Panthers Alan Knight
Kristy McDaniel on the Mound.
Kristy McDaniel on the Mound.

BC 002

6:28 P.M. – Final Score: Page County 7-0. Riverheads fought to the end as the Red Pride loaded the bases in the top of the 7TH.

6:22 P.M. – Top of 7TH inning and still 7-0. Below is the list of the All-Shenandoah District team.

Coach of the Year – Alan Knight (Page County)

Pitcher of the Year – Kristy McDaniel (PCHS)

Player of the Year – Sara Jenkins (PCHS)


1ST Base – Sara Jenkins (PCHS)

2ND Base- Brittany Dodson (RHS)

3RD Base- Megan Hilliard (LHS)

Short Stop- Amber Turner (LHS)

Outfielders – Rachael Breeden (PCHS), Lauren McCutcheon (BGHS) & Morgan Lotts (RHS)

Pitchers – Kristy McDaniel (PCHS), Kaitlyn Morris (PCHS)

At Large – Megan Moyer (LHS), Brittany Wolfe (PCHS)


2ND Team All-Shenandoah District :

1ST Baseman – Kaylah Blair (WMHS) & Haley Stover (SJHS)

2ND Baseman- Kristian Carden (WMHS)

3RD Baseman- Hannah Farrish (BGHS)

Short Stop- Holly Morgan (BGHS)

Cathcher- Jessica Kline (BGHS)

Outfielders- Sammy Parker (WMHS), Alex Gibson (SJHS) & Anissa Price (Page)

Pitchers- Katie Grimm (WMHS) & Jennifer Jewell (LHS)

At Large- Kelsey Grimm (RHS) & Danni Short (Page)


6:11 P.M. – Now in the top of the 6TH inning. PCHS’s Rachael Breeden just hauled in a nice running catch out in Center Field for the 1ST out.

6:03 P.M. – Bill Meade is doing double duty as well as Steve Cox. Meade can be found at tomorrow as well as next week in the Page News & Courier.Bottom of 5TH- still 7-0.

5:55 P.M. – Top of the fifth inning- Kaitlyn Morris has relieved McDaniel and the Lady Panthers lead now 7-0.

RIVERHEADS  – 000   000 0- 0 5 3

PAGE COUNTY- 150   100   x- 7 8 0


5:41 P.M. – Heading to the top of the fourth inning. Kristy McDaniel is still on the mound with a 6-0 lead.


5:29 P.M. – Page scores 5 runs in the bottom of the second to make the score 6-0. Sara Jenkins added a 2-run double in the rally. Wolfe walked again and scored a second run as well. Sitting next to Steve Cox who will be doing double duty as PA announcer and writer for Hubert Grimm III at the .


5:25 P.M. – Riverheads in bringing in a new pitcher, freshman Sam McLawhorne.Rachael Breeden is at the plate with the bases loaded and Page up 3-0.

5:16 P.M- Page County catcher Chasity Lucas just nailed her second runner attempting to steal. Heading in to the bottom of the second. Page County 1-0. Danni Short leads off the second with a hard hit double to left field for the Lady Panthers.

5:14 P.M. – Page County lead off hitter Brittany Wolfe turns a walk in to an Un-earned run after stealing second base. Wolfe came around to score when an attempt to double her off second base went into center field.


5:08 P.M. – It is the Red Pride of Riverheads vs. the Lady Panthers of Page County. 1ST pitch was at 5:00 sharp and it is now in the bottom of the 1ST. Riverheads picked up a single in the top of the first but Johnna Herndon was caught stealing at second base.

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