Greetings from Lewis Gale Field @ Salem Memorial Ball Park

Welcome to the Class A Carolina League
Welcome to the Class A Carolina League

Back when Mr. Jim Critzer first approached me about getting involved with the Waynesboro Generals of the Valley League I mentioned my hopes would be to create an atmosphere that rivaled one of a Class A Minor League team. I have spent as much time in minor league parks as I have in MLB parks and there is a certain charm you find there.

         The diehard baseball fan will come to the park just to watch a baseball game but if you are going to get the non-fan or the middle-of-the-road fan you better give them a reason to load up the car and drive to the park. With a GREAT deal of help from a number of folks that are near & dear to me, we will be attempting to do just that here in a couple of weeks.

      Tonight will serve as one final check list of fun and affordable things we can do at KC this summer that make a few more people to join us as the Ball Diamond. Camera in hand, the final journey is set to begin!

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