Saturday Afternoon @ The Stadium : This time to need for cleats.

LU Class of 2009
LU Class of 2009
LU Class of 2009
LU Class of 2009

Bre's graduation 091Bre's graduation 079Bre's graduation 059       This past Saturday was very similar to most Saturday afternoons as of late. Jump in the car and head to a stadium in an effort to take some pictures and make someone smile. Need to grab a program at the gate and glance thru it to understand your surroundings.

        This Saturday was different though as the stadium was Williams Stadium on the Campus of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. The festivities included the LU Graduation for the Class of 2009 and we were there to celebrate our oldest daughter, Sabrena, picking up her Masters degree! She had actually finished her school work back in December but it was time for the ceremony and we couldn’t of been prouder of her accomplishments during her 6 years at LU.

     Congrats on fullfilling your Dreams!

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