Just how many things come along with running a Summer League Team ?

Wow! When I put up the busy day sign I had no idea. Every time you scratch one item off the list it would create 3 more to take its place. At this pace we will be ready for the season opener on June 5, 2009 around June 2011.

        It is a good thing that there are so many quality people in on this project with us. We also received help from two of the Ladies today that form the back bone of the VBL, Teresa Wease of Harrisonburg & Kay Snyder of Staunton.

       The projects today included finding a garage that can work on our 1987 International School Bus and then a Company that will insure it for the summer. Working out  a deal with a soda company for the Pop to be sold at Kate Collins. The packet of information that gets sent to the players is a little past due but John Leonard and Beth Tipton were working out some details while Sabrena was creating some Letterhead for the info to get printed on.

       Trying to order the pocket schedules and cutting a deal for the banners to be created for the outfield wall were a couple of more items. Finding the right company to get the food supplies ordered from and creating a special marketing plan for our Eight game series with our Augusta County rival Staunton Braves.

      Don’t forget placing an order for team socks, belts, fitted hats and t-shirts for the players to have to go with their uniforms. Can’t ever have a day where you don’t spend part of it asking people to become sponsors of your family project!

      Getting to visit with John Severs for the first time and making sure he feels like a part of the Generals family. Not a bad day when you look back but not it is time to deal with the delivery of the newspapers. Everyday that I still have that problem is a Great Day, especially after hearing the news about the Boston Globe facing Deaths Door.

     Did plan on getting down to Bulldog Field and shooting Head Coach Derek McDaniel and his Green Hornets play the home town Luray nine but the same Mother Nature that made working Sunday Night miserable took care of that. Maybe some teams can sneak in a game here or there on Tuesday if the fields dry up in time.


Thank you to everyone that helped out today as we continue to move forward to Friday Night June 5TH when Team Waynesboro plays host to the Rockbridge Rapids in our season opener!

Your Town, Your Team !
Your Town, Your Team !

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