You can’t do baseball and not do Softball…

Quick look around the same Sports sections in search of up to date

Shenandoah District Softball Standings…


Page News & Courier had Page County @ 5-0, 13-0

on press day.

News-Leader has Wilson Memorial @ 7-7, 4-2 but doesn’t show the Riverheads record after Wilson’s 6-3 win.

Buffalo Gap improved to (3-8,2-4 )with their win over Stonewall on Thursday. Gap was scheduled to play Page County on Friday night.

Riverheads should be (8-7,4-3) after losing to Wilson & Page County

98% positive Standings as of 5/3/09:


Page County 7-0

Wilson-Mem 4-2

Riverheads    4-3

Luray               3-3

Buffalo Gap    2-5

Stonewall       0-7

Wilson @ Luray on Monday – 5:30 P.M.

Fun on a Rainy Sunday ? How about a Sports puzzle…

sunsetTime to fill a few minutes and get caught up on the baseball standings

in the Class A Shenandoah District. The District has no  web site so compiling the standings can be trickey. Add in the rain outs and turn up the degree of difficulty another notch. But with the help of 5 area Sports sections lets see if we can make it happen.

Saturday’s NVD – Tells us that Stonewall Jackson scored 7 un-answered runs to defeat Luray 7-3.

Saturday’s News-Leader tells us that Wilson Memorial defeated Riverheads 8-2 in Fishersville. They report the records are now:

Wilson (7-9, 4-2) and Riverheads (10-4,4-3).They also tell us that Buffalo Gap (9-5,4-3) defeated Page County (9-8,2-5) 13-0.

The Free Press tells us that Stonewall Jackson was  (4-8,1-3) after

defeating Page County 12-11. The dropped a pair of games before winning the game vs. Luray. The Generals should be (5-10, 2-5)

Doing the math backwards would tell us that Luray is also now at 4-2.



Luray High               4-2    ( -)

Wilson  Memorial  4-2     (-)

Buffalo Gap               4-3    (1/2)

Riverheads               4-3    (1/2)

Page County             2-5    (2 1/2)

Stonewall Jackson 2-5    (2 1/2)

Four teams within 1/2 game of first place with 3 or 4 games remaining.