Breaking News: 3 reasons we love Strasburg’s Matt Hiserman

Strasburg's hard working AD!
Strasburg's hard working AD!

Sitting here trying to play major catch-up and I keep flipping back over to my e-mail to make sure I am keeping up with all that is going on. I don’t think much about the fact that I am in the middle of another 18 hour day but I do notice when others are doing the same.

          At 9:41 P.M. I received an e-mail from Matt that had been forwarded from his counter part and Clarke County. The e-mail included results from four of the Clarke County- Strasburg contests.

Strasburg 6, Clarke County 2 (Varsity Baseball)

Clarke County 5, Strasburg 4 (Varsity Softball)

Clarke County 5, Strasburg 0 (JV Girls Soccer)

Clarke County 3, Strasburg 0 (Girls Varsity Soccer)

        I know that Matt is approaching his 15TH hour on the job today but the evening is just beginning to slow down.

        Moments later the next e-mail comes from Matt and this one includes the results from the games played at his end.

Clarke County 4, Strasburg 0 (Boys Varsity Soccer)

Clarke County 8, Strasburg 0 (JV Boys Soccer)

Strasburg 11, Clarke County 1 (JV Baseball)

Clarke County 7, Strasburg 4 (JV Softball)

         Now that all of the nights work has been passed on to the folks working the newspaper desks for the local papers you would think Matt could turn off the light in his office and head home to the wife and baby. Not so much.

          I get one more set of pics posted and jump back over to find another e-mail from Matt.

          10:43 P.M. is the time on the note and Matt is sending out the schedule of events that the 10 Strasburg teams will be participating in next week…

          Matt – for all that you do, this Post is for you!

Now we are in trouble: Over 400 pics in the cameras after Wilson @ Stonewall…

We were tag teaming the softball, baseball and junior varsity soccer Thursday at Quicksburg between Wilson Memorial and Stonewall Jackson before we finished with the pics from Fort Defiance at Wilson. Add in that Coach Derrick McDaniel celebrated his 50TH Birthday today and you see that we will be playing catch-up for a while.

Let’s start by saying

Happy Birthday, Coach!