In search of Mr. Jim Sacco – Did we find him ?

After going 0-2 at Draft and Wilson, we went in search of our good buddy Jim Sacco over at the News Virginian. We love talking sports with Jim but our mark stood at 0-3 after we couldn’t find Jim either. We received an inside tip that he was moonlighting around the corner so we grabbed the camera and went searching for him.

Could this really be him ?
Could this really be him ?

 In the reporting business you have to be sure so we called out to Jim for verification . The next pic shows him singing and dancing in joy so maybe we had found our guy!

In search of Jim...
In search of Jim...

 On a serious note we did head back to the newspaper and found Mr. Rob Sisk at his desk and managed to talk Generals baseball with him for an hour or so. Always a treat to visit with Mr. Sisk and look forward to reading the paper tomorrow.

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