Spending an evening with the Falcons in the Nest and the fellas from the NVD

 From 5:00 until 10:00 P.M. a misty rain fell across the ball diamonds in Woodstock but that did not prevent the Falcons from hosting the teams from Sherando. Tommy Keeler had the softball duties and Dennis Atwood covered the baseball game. Check out both gamers at www.nvdaily.com later.

2 thoughts on “Spending an evening with the Falcons in the Nest and the fellas from the NVD

  1. Jerry – great pics, as usual. No individual fan is likely to get so many “looks” in any visit to a ball park. Plus, you’ve captured them for others to enjoy.

    About the “candle light,” auxillary light is needed after sunset in the CHS “pill box,” even though there is a healthy bank of flouescent lights overhead. The can’t turn on the in-house lights, because they distract the leftfielder, and maybe the shortstop too.

    Hey, since you captured them in your lense, congrats to Roger Wilkins for being named Boys Basketball Coach of Year, per the NV Daily insert today. The article mentions Roger and his assistant, Mickey Clinedinst conducting salt and pepper shakers strategy sessions at the “Italian Touch” restaurant (to which I also give good marks).

    And kudos to Jeff Burner for earning Girls Basketball Coach of the Year Honors. RAH!!

    Well, the gamer [ http://www.nvdaily.com/sports/2009/04/falcons-work-magic-in-seventh-again.html ] was bitten with error bug, just like some of the fielders during the contest. Opportunity for corrections: The actual errors count, after reviewing (too late for deadline) my detailed notes, was Sherando 4 and Central 5. The story says 6 for each. Not sure where THAT came from – mist on my keyboard maybe. Bad for the Warriors, of course, was committing 3 of theirs in a row, enabling the Falcons to launch another fortunate/opportune/lucky 7th inning.

    Additional note: Falcons catcher Kohly Hawkins, in addition to trotting home with the winning run on Alex Palmerton’s SacFly, gunned down two warriors attempting to steal second (Clevenger’s walk and Reid’s infield single), making it a “one, two” inning, before Chris Deck popped out to add the “three” out.

    Just to make sure you, and other blog visitors know, tonight’s (April 3rd) games, SB and BB, Clarke County at Stonewall Jackson, have been cancelled. An early decision, posted before noon at SJHS website. I’m sure fielded are soaked, t’storms are in the mid-day forecast, then a wind advisory takes effect (gusts up to 50MPH) until midnight. Cancellations look like a good call.

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