Spending an evening with the Falcons in the Nest and the fellas from the NVD

 From 5:00 until 10:00 P.M. a misty rain fell across the ball diamonds in Woodstock but that did not prevent the Falcons from hosting the teams from Sherando. Tommy Keeler had the softball duties and Dennis Atwood covered the baseball game. Check out both gamers at www.nvdaily.com later.

Our Thoughts and Prayers are with Strasburg Today

I first noticed something was wrong in the Ram family yeaterday when I read Katie Baker’s notes on Facebook. I knew something was wrong in the extended Strasburg family but I didn’t know what until today.

I will add the link here to the story that Chuck McGill wrote for todays NVD (www.nvdaily.com ). Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Ram family in hopes of a speedy recovery.