A Strasburg at Stonewall Kinda Day

Strasburg and Stonewall had a busy, busy day today. The girls JV and Varsity soccer teams along with the Varsity baseball and softball teams all played at Stonewall Jackson while their counterparts (boys JV and Varsity soccer and JV baseball and softball) played at Strasburg. We didn’t get a chance to see all of the games but we did get a few snapshots from the Varsity softball game, the JV girls soccer game and the Varsity baseball game.

At the moment I’m just throwing these up but Iwill have more time, later, to come back through, change titles, edit captions and so on. Until then, enjoy!

4 thoughts on “A Strasburg at Stonewall Kinda Day

  1. Jerry and Rebecca, Thank you for covering the game on Monday. The girls are excited about the prospects of future coverage and looking forward to the write up of the game. By the way…I was looking at pictures of an early season game between Strasburg and Page Co. at Page Co. and now I can’t seem to find them. Are they gone? Stay in touch. Mike

    1. Coach,
      The photos that you mentioned are on the old site. There is a link on the right side of the new blog that says link to thousands of H.S pics, including the ones you asked about. We are getting ready to add lines to the pics from the other day.
      Thanks for sending the info!

  2. Nice photo set. Some details that didn’t get into the NVD story of the softball game – Generals’ hurler Odessa Ryan had a lot movement on her pitches, and a good-looking change-up. Odessa also executed two web gems. Top 4th – a sliding catch of Casey Spiker’s shallow pop-up about 10 feet down the 3B line. She had her glove on the ground and squeezed the big pill, just in foul territory, third out. 6th frame – pinch hitter Amanda Drennan led off and, smoked a first pitch liner right at Odessa, who snagged it. Might have been a self-defense move, but, hey, that’s the right instinct, and made for another gem.
    Also – correction: Alex Gibson broke up Stickles’ 3 and two-thirds innings of perfect game work with a chopper down the 3B line (not “a single to right”), which could not be fielded in time to toss her out, so an infield hit. Alex was also credited with 2nd of the Generals’ four hits against Stickles – a double to right. But, if there were video, the frames would show that RF Drennan did not make a play on the ball, which appeared to be playable. Still, properly scored a hit. In the bigs, they have a category “fielder indifference.”

    1. Dennis,
      Great to hear from you! We know that you attend a great deal of the games in Shenandoah County and welcome your input as often as you like.

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