Blogger v. WordPress

So I’m sure you all are thinking – “okay, you switched from Blogger to WordPress. But what’s the difference?” So here is a post listing just a few of the cool, new features that this WordPress blog offers.

Pages. You’ll notice along the top of the site that there are tabs for different pages (i.e. About Us, Share Your Stories, and ATV Wall of Fame.) This allows the blog to have a more streamlined, organized appearance and allows us to put a lot more permanent content up.

Snapshots. When your mouse is hovering over a link, a little box pops up that gives you a little snapshot of the web page the link takes you to. I think that is really neat!

Search feature. Okay so this might not be a “new” feature but it’s certainly a more easily recognizable one. While the Blogger page did have a search box along the top of the page, I know I didn’t instantly recognize it as an inner-blog search (e.g. if I wanted to check out only posts about Stonewall Jackson Baseball I could type that into the search field and only posts where the words Stonewall, Jackson and Baseball appeared would be brought up.)

Different authors. Okay so maybe Blogger had this, I’m not sure and, well, I’m too lazy to check but we can have any number of administrators and all that so I can have a log-in and dad can have a log-in.

Easier Editing. On our end, the site is genearlly easier to edit and personalize. Look forward to more fun additions to the site!

Also, I think this page is a lot prettier. But maybe I’m biased.

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