Greetings from Hotlanta!

Greetings from Hotlanta ! Have to start with a quick story about how I have ended up in Atlanta this morning and then get started on the fun moments from Monday night.

One of the perks to running a delivery service is you collect a number of airline miles from all of the gasoline purchased during the summer last year. Always hold on to one ticket because you never know when you might want to go somewhere and watch Greg Maddux pitch.

Then my one and only baseball hero retired and I honestly see myself going the entire MLB season without watching a 9 inning game, let alone fly to see one. Yes, I will be going through Maddux withdrawal all season but Jim Sacco is talking about a trip to Cooperstown in a few years with the Hall opens the doors to the Professor.

So I have to work all day but can do it on the road so why not. Holding a free ticket that will allow me to go anywhere in the World for 48 hours and you guessed it- I am on my way to Peoria, Illinois. That noise you hear in the background is my wife laughing rather loudly.

Only you Carter (she only calls me by my last name when she is making fun of me) could fly anywhere you want and choose to go to Peoria. In case you are wondering what is going on in Peoria today it is a National Championship basketball game between the Old Dominion Monarchs and the home standing Bradley Braves.

The title on the line is the very first College Championship and the Braves are completing a historical Grand Slam. BU is playing in the post season for the fourth straight season and in the fourth different tournament. The sweet 16 run in the NCAA, then the trip to the N.I.T before playing in the inaugural edition of the College Basketball Invitational in 2007-2008 and now another new one!

BU is calling for the fans to participate in a Red-Out tonight and Carver Arena should be a jumpin. One of the Fox networks should be televising the game with tip coming at 8:05 E.S.T. Once I land in Peoria I can get started telling stories about Monday.

A Strasburg at Stonewall Kinda Day

Strasburg and Stonewall had a busy, busy day today. The girls JV and Varsity soccer teams along with the Varsity baseball and softball teams all played at Stonewall Jackson while their counterparts (boys JV and Varsity soccer and JV baseball and softball) played at Strasburg. We didn’t get a chance to see all of the games but we did get a few snapshots from the Varsity softball game, the JV girls soccer game and the Varsity baseball game.

At the moment I’m just throwing these up but Iwill have more time, later, to come back through, change titles, edit captions and so on. Until then, enjoy!

Blogger v. WordPress

So I’m sure you all areĀ thinking – “okay, you switched from Blogger to WordPress. But what’s the difference?” So here is a post listing just a few of the cool, new features that this WordPress blog offers.

Pages. You’ll notice along the top of the site that there are tabs for different pages (i.e. About Us, Share Your Stories, and ATV Wall of Fame.)Ā This allows the blog to have a more streamlined, organizedĀ appearance and allows us to put a lot more permanent content up.

Snapshots. When your mouse is hovering over a link, a little box pops up that gives you a little snapshot of the web page the link takes you to. I think that is really neat!

Search feature. Okay so this might not be a “new” feature but it’s certainly a more easily recognizable one. While the Blogger page did have a search box along the top of the page, I know I didn’t instantly recognize it as an inner-blog search (e.g. if I wanted to check out only posts about Stonewall Jackson Baseball I could type that into the search field and only posts where the words Stonewall, Jackson and Baseball appeared would be brought up.)

Different authors. Okay so maybe Blogger had this, I’m not sure and, well, I’m too lazy to check but we can have any number of administrators and all that so I can have a log-in and dad can have a log-in.

Easier Editing. On ourĀ end,Ā the site is genearllyĀ easier to edit and personalize. Look forward to more fun additions to the site!

Also, I think this page is a lot prettier. But maybe I’m biased.

Stonewall Jackson vs. Clark County

On our way home from Fort Defiance, we made our way to Rebel Park to check in on the Stonewall Jackson-Clark County JV baseball action. We ran into our good friend Bruce Alger and had a nice visit with him, as well.

Check out these pictures from the game.

Fort Defiance

We made our way to Fort Defiance High School to put the last check in the last athletic director’s hands. While at FDHS, we met principal Larry Landes and athletic director Jack Tucker – you couldn’t have asked for a more stand-up or more grateful pair of administrators. We look forward to seeing them at Kate Collins field for Fort Defiance night in June.

Here are some pictures from our venture to FDHS.